Is this work?

Real life videos of a boatbuilders project.

The Fitzroy Island resorts sailing catamaran breaks its mooring and is washed up on the resort beach damaging her keel, hull, rudders and sail drives. The Mangrove Charlie crew are contacted to undertake the repairs. We depart almost immediately on a 3000km road trip to Cairns to fix the damaged yacht. This series of  Vlogs reveals how we repair the damage, our daily life and the travel adventures we enjoyed on our time off.

#40 we depart the marina on a perfect tropical day for our sea trials. Sarah takes the wheel with a huge smile only to be overcome with sea sickness soon after, but recovers to party into the night.

#39 its chaos aboard as we race the clock to complete the preparation for the governments surveyors final inspection. Survey completed and its another 16hr nonstop day to re provision and prepare for tomorrows sea trials.

#38 master mariner Bruce Copland uses a Gillie Sestrel 1885 Q.E.B pelorus made in north shields England and the local pyramid to swing our compass. He completes the compass adjusters declaration and provides a table of deviations. An awesome experience to spend quality time with someone who has spent his life at sea.

#37 Sarah takes control of Augustine and an interesting situation unfolds.

#36 Sarah looses her belt, we continue our 7 days a week cycle to complete the works as required, Sarah looses her belt and she discovers how she can make a new one.

#35 we finish the under water hull repairs with a lick of paint, take a travel lift ride to the sea, check the ships systems and we are good to go on the short motor to the marina and our new home.

#34 we have a huge day completing all the works required before we move to the floating life. The stress and energy drain of the days work overcame me and I went to sleep while filming dinner being cooked.

#33 Sarah demonstrates her newly acquired utility knife skills while Augustine demonstrates his sanding techniques. At the days end we discover a very pleasant way to reflect on our adventures.

#32 we take a board walk into the forest and discover some hidden giants.

#31 Locked in the botanic gardens, we were enchanted by the beauty of the botanic gardens and lose track of time, the gates are locked and we are on the wrong side of the fence, will we find the emergency exit before night fall?

#29 We experiment with some new camera techniques and have some fun in post production. Cairns is well known for its crocodile population with warning signs every where, will we be successful in our search? or will the heat sent us troppo?

#28 we realise the reality of weekend work and apply 2 pac epoxy hi-build paint to the underwing repairs.

#27 Sarah removes a leaking hatch, drills her first hole and jigsaws the cut outs for the new instrument panels.

#25 we take a long walk in the wilderness and find the perfect mountain stream only to discover it hides many secrets.

#24 we further develop our skills in enabling and empowering Sarah to learn new skills in a commercially competitive ship repair environment. Sarah’s excitement and enthusiasm is inspirational considering her knowledge of English is basic however more than compensated by her understanding of body language and gestures.

#23 Sarah asks all the questions on how to re silicone a hatch and is given a practical how to demonstration including some special tips and tricks.

#22 we demonstrate some easy to apply composite fiberglass laminating techniques.

#21 we return from our adventures in the mountains to a very pleasant sea side town. We take the time to enjoy a wine as the last of the tropical suns rays shine and the local boats return to harbor.

#20 We take a wrong turn in the jazz car and take full advantage of the little patch of paradise we discovered.

#19 we take the Jazz on the road less traveled, explore the wilderness on foot and are rewarded with images from a long lost time.

#18 we explore a mountain stream, meet some friendly ants, discover a forest of mushrooms, jump into the abyss, try to swim up the waterfalls, chill in the cascades and have another cracker day.

#17 a special announcement is made over breakfast, experience an insight into our daily life, and discover how well the crew erect scaffold after watching a YouTube video.

#16 we send and expedition to find cold beer, enjoy a cold one and reflect, we merrily cook a meal together and escape the boatyard for a few games of pool and return home with Brian our singing taxi driver. A great night had by all, cheers.

#15 we explore the rainforest in search of aboriginal art, feed the mosquito’s, climb to the top of the falls and reflect on the good life, climb a jungle vine, experiment with the 360 camera and reflect on the days activities.

#14 the boat receives a loving wash by a caring crew, Witness how I motivate the crew to work with passion enthusiasm and pride. Sarah explains stainless steel polishing and we cook a cracker meal together.

#13 we settle in to our new home, the new crew start their learning experiences, cleaning, polishing and servicing.

#12 we move the yacht to a better work site and outline and launch our aims for our public fundraising campaign on Patreon.

#11 we discover how unique living on the land in a yacht while refitting is. We improvise and discover the advantages of kettle cooking.

#10 we find a quick learning crew of students to re upholster a luxury yacht in exchange for sunbaking on the best beach in Australia.

#9 we show some simple effective tricks in composite boatbuilding.

#8 the electrician starts, keel works progress, we discover worms have been eating the keel and we seal the keel before the rain arrives.

#7 we recap on the project to date, give an insight to life aboard at the boatyard, explain and define the scope of works.

#6 we sail a barely seaworthy  sailing catamaran to the slip, encounter propulsion and steering issues and receive a top level site induction.

#5 we problem solve what appears to be a completely broken toilet system with some time knowledge and a flick of a switch.

#4 we sort the spare parts found aboard into categories, discover some unexpected damage and explain why parts easily damaged by water should be stored above the waterline.

#3 How we start a project we show off our cool residence, show the interesting way we get to work, we fix the steering and clean with meaning.

#2 we take the tour of the 16m sailing catamaran to establish the state of things before works commence.

#1 At sea learning the ropes, we take the Fitzroy Island ferry to work and have a unique experience learning the ropes from the captain and his crew. Legend has it that sailors tie their clothes bags with the cat burglars loop knot and that thieves retie with another knot and so are inevitably detected.

The splice of life is the original introduction Vlog clip for our Vlogs.
The flying coconut symbolizes that we are at sea and different.
The multicultural crew images portray the universal language of fun.
The music was chosen because Sparrow the ship cat always raises an ear when she hears it.