Future voyages

Future Voyages
As seafarers we are always bound for our destination, we depart with every intention of arriving at our chosen destination but sometimes we encounter conditions that are too arduous to endure or we change our mind, and an alternate destination is sought. Upon arrival we celebrated, happy to be safe in a new port. We explore our immediate surrounds, re provision and repair. We explore the surrounding coastal and hinterland area . We usually meet the locals, often making lifelong friends. When we want, we depart bound for our new destination. That’s how we travel, join us for the journey.

Trip 2
March  we will be cruising the awesome Morton Bay.
Crew positions available to help bring Mangrove Charlie out of storage and into operational condition, cleaning detailing and maintenance, no experience required as on board training is provided, not a paid job and no cost to you, just an opportunity to learn and experience the seafarers lifestyle. live aboard with bunk and food provided.
email mangrovecharlie@gmail.com to express your interest

Trip 3
2000km down the mighty Murray River aboard Skiffy1 and skiffy2 epic
May 2018
6 crew wanted, will have 2 Skiffies and a support car.
Must have a fun adventurous attitude and be able to take a photo and video and edit same.

Trip 4
Brisbane to Cook Town aboard Mangrove Charlie
April to November 2018

Trip 5
Cooktown to Brisbane aboard Mangrove Charlie
November to December 2018

Trip 6
Brisbane to Hobart aboard Mangrove Charlie
December to March 2019

Trip 7
Hobart to? ideas?