Mangrove Charlie

Hi from Wayne,

Captain of Mangrove Charlie:
Years ago, at 19, I had a dream to design, build, sail and liveaboard my own sailing catamaran. . . 9 years later my 13.5m sailing catamaran, Mangrove Charlie, was completed, she has been my sailing home since 1992. I’ve experienced the most amazing boatlife imaginable. I enjoyed the yacht design and boat construction of Mangrove Charlie so much I made yacht designer / boat builder my career, completing a shipwright / boatbuilding apprenticeship and qualified as a yacht designer. It has been incredibly rewarding to have so many people value my boatworks enough to commission new yacht designs and/or contract my team for new yacht construction and boat refit repair projects.

Mangrove Charlie, providing managed labour for yacht projects:
The Mangrove Charlie team are custom manufactures of Yachts our customers value, designed for fun and built to endure, since 1985.
Specializing in Epoxy / polyester fiberglass, DIAB foam core and modern marine timber construction. We provide human resources, management and materials, for marine projects.

Mangrove Charlie, sharing oppotunities:
The Mangrove Charlie crew are an ever changing, fun lovin young international crew of sailors, adventurers and explorers. We explore amazing places only accessible buy private yacht. With the ships car we undertake coastal adventures and hinterland expeditions, bush camping and taking the roads and tracks less traveled.

Mangrove Charlie, enabling others to live the seafarers life:
Our specialty is enabling others to live the seafarers life by either designing / building, refitting and repairing others yachts or by having crew aboard Mangrove Charlie. We have no fixed address and no fixed itinerary we go where the wind blows us and stop to explore places that look interesting. For income we work as boatbuilders when opportunities arise. Through photographs and movies we record our daily life, our raw experiences, our feeling, our emotions, unscripted and unrehearsed.

Thanks for your interest
Is it time to turn your dream into reality. . .

Kindest Regards
Wayne hill
master boatbuilder
qualified yacht designer
professional yacht captain
uniquely experienced with over 100,000nm sailed
happily live aboard Mangrove Charlie for 30+ years