Welcome aboard Mangrove Charlie

Mangrove Charlie is my 14m sailing catamaran which I designed at age 19 and completed building 9 years later. Mangrove Charlie has been cruising with an ever changing, fun, young international crew since 1992. We have no fixed address and no fixed itinerary we go where the wind blows us and stop to explore places that look interesting. For income we work as boat builders when opportunities arise. Through photographs and vlogs we record our daily life, experiences, feeling and emotions. We want our viewers to feel that they are working, sailing and traveling with us, raw experiences, real emotions, unscripted and unrehearsed.

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Watch our most popular vlog on how I built my sailing catamaran from nothing.

A seafarers life

Years ago, at age 19, I had a dream to design, build and travel aboard my own sailing catamaran. 9 years later my dream yacht was finished and we set sail.

I've been living the dream since 1992, experiencing the most amazing adventures imaginable. To achieve my dream I completed my apprenticeship as a shipwright / boat builder, qualified as a yacht designer and hold a commercial yacht captains ticket.

I live on the sea and love it.

As seafarers we are always bound for our destination, we depart with every intention of arriving at our chosen destination but sometimes we encounter conditions that are too arduous to endure or we change our mind, and an alternate destination is sought.

Upon arrival we celebrated, happy to be safe in a new port. We explore our immediate surrounds, re provision and repair. We explore the surrounding coastal and hinterland area . We usually meet the locals, often making lifelong friends. When we want, we depart bound for our next destination.

That's how we travel,

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Join the crew
This is not a job, it’s an opportunity to participate in something amazing.
Learn new skills and share unique experiences.
No previous boatbuilding or sailing experience is required as training is provided. It’s a casual arrangement, a few weeks or months or whatever….
Work:   We work on some of the coolest boatbuilding projects around, and through our internships you learn valuable skills while having awesome work experiences. Your paid and tasked based on your skill set.
Sail:   You will be living aboard a yacht learning the seafaring life. We explore amazing places only accessible by private yacht.
Travel:   With the ships car we undertake coastal adventures and hinterland expeditions, bush camping and taking the roads and tracks less traveled.

We travel with an ever changing fun young international crew of vlogging travelers. Through photographs and movies we record our life, our experiences, our feeling and emotions.

Join the crew now

Thanks for your interest in becoming a crew aboard Mangrove Charlie,

Have fun.
Participate in all crew actives. Participate in vloging both behind and in front of the camera and movie cam. Produce individual and collaborated photographs, movies and voice recordings suitable for uploading to social media. Edit, enhance and file photographs, movie clips and voice recordings. Compile photographic slide show movies. Compile movies from movie clips. Upload photographic and multimedia content to social media.

Please do not be discouraged by the requirements, if you have uploaded selfies to Facebook you are qualified, and ultimately you will become very skilled  at producing social media content as it's a major part of our daily life.

We all live work and play aboard Mangrove Charlie she is our number one priory, if we look after her she will look after us, its that simple. The sea faring life is very tiring and often individual energy levels vary, Mangrove Charlie requires  human energy to operate effectively and safely, give her what you can and watch out for others who need a helping hand.

Preparing yacht for sea, Stand navigation watches, Helm the yacht, navigating, Assist with maneuvers, Hoist sails, Trim sails, Assist with ropes and sheets, Provisioning ships food stores, Bunker fuel, Drinks stocking, Laundry, House keeping, Interior organizing cleaning and detailing.

Swim in clear water, Swim with sharks, Snorkel shipwrecks, Walk along amazing beaches, Explore everything, Bushwalk to a waterfall, Climb sand dunes, Enjoy the natural environment, Chill under a coconut tree, Daydream, Read a book, Sunbake, Wakeboard, KIte surf, Facebook your friends, Fish for dinner, Catch a crab, Dig for pipis, Dive for pearls, Pump for yabbies’, Throw a cast net for prawns, Search for bush tucker, Enjoy a glass of wine at sunset, Enjoy music and dance, Stargaze the universe, Prepare your favorite meals.

Perfect for people on a working holiday visa because its totally free.
Your paid for boatbuilding works and vlog editing.

Mangrove Charlie has been cruising since 1992 we have no fixed address and no fixed itinerary. We go where the wind blows us and we stop to explore places that look interesting.

Your captain is a qualified and experienced boatbuilder / shipwright, yacht designer and superyacht captain.

To Apply email mangrovecharlie@gmail.com
Include details of what skills / attributes you would bring aboard or a CV
Include links to your social media accounts

Kindest Regards

Adventure with us